The weather is changing as days pass by, the temperature is fast dropping, wow! the cold is here again. It is most likely you have start seeing your friends, colleagues, and even ladies on the street tie this big scarf around their neck. You like the way it looks but you don’t have an idea of how it is tied. This winter accessory is called blanket scarf and it is worn by almost everyone including big celebs, bloggers, fashionista and normal people. So you are actually on track if you are planning to include this blanket scarf in your wardrobe during this winter season.

The scarf itself is not a big deal, you can get whichever color, design or type that you like. When it comes to choosing a blanket scarf, the choice is yours. However, when it comes to tieing it,  it is a big deal. You can’t afford to miss it and tie the wrong thing that is not in vogue. Right here in this article, I will be showing you ways with which you can tie your blanket scarf and look absolutely stunning. But before we go any further, I need you to understand what exactly a blanket scarf is especially for those that are new to this winter fashion accessory.


Just as the name implies, blanket scarfs are big scarf, big enough to be use as blanket to cover yourself when sleeping on your bed. Originally, they are made that way to look oversize and big. That is why thy are completely different from all other scarfs. It might look awkward to you carrying that big fabric on your neck all day long. But you should try it out, it has save my life from unexpected cold weather countless times. More so, I have a perfect solution to that heaviness that you keep complaining about. Lamamamas Plaid blanket scarf cozy tartan wrap scarf is just so perfect. It is available in different colors, both cool and flashy and it made from high quality cashmere and it is also 100% acrylic. This means that it is very light and also has the ability to keep you warm.

Want to learn how to tie a blanket scarf? you will be learning it right here with some basic and simple steps.

The cape style

Want to look like supergirl when walking down the street, then you should actually learn how to tie this style. Perhaps, you plan rocking it on a hot summer afternoon, It is quite simple and straight forward. The most fascinating part of it all is that you can wear it anywhere and style it on just anything.

To tie the cape style, the first thing that you need to do is fold the scarf into a triangular form. The next thing is to place it on your shoulder, hang it above your shoulder like a cape and you are good to go to see a picture of how it looks at following the steps above. You can repeate the process until you feel it is perfect. It is perfect when you have something like this.

The bandanas style

This style to tieing a blanket scarf is cool and and nice. Bandanas style is evergreen and you can tie your blanket scarf that way any time of the season. To tie the bandanas style, all you have to do is fold the ends of the blanket scarf and make them triangular in shape, put the equilateral ends of the triangle on your neck. After that, you will notice that it looks like a bib on your neck, if it does,then you are on track. Finally, you need to tuck the ends of the blanket scarf to make sure they have a bandanas. After doing this, I think you are good to go. Below is the final look after you must done the necessary.

The Poncho style with a belt

This style is for those that loves looking cool with a gentle look. Poncho style can be rocked anywhere, either to your work place or a diner with that sweet boy or friends. It all depends on you. No matter what you style it on,  it take you to another level.

To tie this style of blanket scarf, the first thing that you need to do is fold the blanket scarf in a triangular form, place it on your shoulder allowing the long end to come down naturally. The last step is to fasten the scarf around your waist with a belt. It’s as simple as learning the alphabets. The picture below shows how it will look on you if you follow the steps given.

The Big triangle style

This style is perfect for you most especially if you are this modest type. This is because the blanket scarf covers the whole of your neck, in turn giving a modest look. To tie this style, the first thing that you need to do is to fold it into equal halfs, place it around your neck and pull the loose-end of the scarf through the loop end. After that has been done, what you need to do is fasten the end of the scarf at the back of your neck. 

Below is the final look. So simple and beautiful!

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