How to choose a suitable scarf for winter

How to choose a suitable scarf for winter

You can’t imagine a cold season without scarves. However, no one ever thought of the possibility of scarves being one of the essential accessories during winter. Everyone loves to keep warm, and hell everybody would be charmed by the coziness, and warmth that scarves guarantee you.

Therefore during winter, you need to ensure that a scarf is one item that should never miss in your wardrobe. However, there are plenty of scarves out there that you can wear for various seasons and occasions but choosing the right one particularly during winter might prove to be difficult.

The following are some of the things to consider before choosing a suitable scarf for the winter season:


The fact that it is winter makes it obvious for you to want a scarf that can keep you warm. Therefore it’s essential to check out the fabric before you choose a winter scarf. During winter it’s necessary to establish the perfect material for you. The structures commonly used for winter scarves include wool, cashmere and many more. The Blanket scarf is suitable during the winter season because of its material. 

Length and width

The length of a regular scarf ranges between 127 cm to 228 cm, but some people prefer shorter scarves. However, during winter the length and breadth of a scarf are so crucial, and therefore it should be proportionate to your height. Taller people should choose longer scarves that can cover them entirely.

The width of a scarf should also range between 15 cm to 35 cm, and therefore it has to be proportionate to your body. You would love a scarf large enough that you can cover your mouth and nose during winter.


Winter scarves play a big part in keeping the cold away from your throat area during a cold season. Therefore it has a big impact on your comfort during the winter season.

The winter scarves are generally long and rectangular which makes it possible for you to wrap them around your neck when it gets so cold. Blanket scarves are best for bundling up during winter.

How to tie the winter scarf

There are various ways of tying scarves, but it’s crucial to ensure that you are comfortable in it and its proportional to the size of your body. However, during winter there are two ways of tying your winter scarf: you can either tie it once or twice around your neck.

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