A brief history of scarves

A brief history of scarves

​It is not unusual to see people wear a scarf today, in fact, it is often the norm to see people don a blanket scarf in the winter. This has not always been the case; scarves have their own history as well. From their humble beginnings, scarves started out in Rome and ironically, they were used functionally. They were used as clean clothes; used to clean sweat and mop the face rather than serving a fashion oriented purpose. Gradually other cultures started to admit the scarf, amongst them the Croatians. It was with the Croats that the scarves started taking on a fashion oriented wear, the native soldiers would wear a scarf bearing the insignia of their rank and file. That way, you could easily identify a soldier from the scarf he is wearing.

It was from the idea of Croats wearing scarves that the tie and bow ties were borne out of. The scarves gained popularity in other cultures as well, particularly amidst the Arabs and other desert dwelling people. They used the scarves as a protective clothing against the fierce winds that is usually a norm in the arid region. Scarves are not just a matter of geographical locations though; it is also sometimes a matter of religious affiliation. There are some religious denominations where the wearing of a scarf is a necessity to worship, it is usually referred to as a stole.

In several professions, the scarf has transcended several needs of usage. An instance is in the aviation industry; in the early days, aviators would have to wear a scarf to keep their nose out of the poisonous gas that gets out of the exhaust and makes it back into the cabin. They don’t have to do that anymore because not only has the aircraft engineering industry undergone major revolutions, the act of flying itself is much safer now. The tradition of wearing scarves still remains amidst pilot though, only that this time it serves more of fashion purposes.

Sport is one of the major industries or sector that commercializes the usage of scarves by way of choosing colours and imprinting their logos or insignia on the scarves. Their fans can easily recognize each other at events and can even go on to create a coordinated wall of colours by raising individual scarves at once. The scarf has evolved several years of usage and with this comes a versatility in its usage.

Scarves can equally be used to keep warm; as much as it can serve a unique fashion purpose, scarves can also help to keep warm. Particularly when it is the blanket scarf variant, you can order your blanket scarf from our online store. This ability of the scarf can come through for you in winter months when you need an extra protection from the chilly cold. The brief history of scarves can only benefit you if you take a corresponding action and order for your blanket scarf right now.

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