5 Reasons You Must Have a Blanket Scarf This Winter

5 Reasons You Must Have a Blanket Scarf This Winter

Blanket scarves are a cross between a blanket and a scarf. They are very dynamic and can easily switch from being worn as a scarf to being used as a blanket. With the summer season gone and winter fast approaching, a blanket scarf is an important accessory you must have for the chilly season. It is one of the most practical items of clothing to have to keep yourself warm in the icy cold winter weather. However, besides keeping your warm, there are also several other reasons, which are explained below, why you must have a blanket scarf this winter.

1. Provides Warmth

The main reasons to have a blanket scarf in winter is that it provides warmth in the cold winter weather and thereby prevents frostbites, pneumonia, and other health conditions. Blanket scarves are made from very thick materials, which can provide you with instant warmth, during the cold season. It can be wrapped around your neck, shoulders and even leg, whenever it gets chilly.

2. Fashionable Item of Clothing

The winter season often requires getting dressed in bulky, mostly unattractive, clothes, because of the cold. Stylish blanket scarves like the Lamamamas Plaid Blanket Scarf ,do not only keep you warm but make for a very fashionable item of clothing, which pair greatly with other winter clothing items. They come in numerous designs and styles and can be used for all sorts of occasionsto make very stylish fashionable statements.

3. Can be styled in Several Ways

Another reason why you must have a blanket scarf is that it affords you the chance to style it anyhow you see fit. For instance, you can wear your blanket scarf as a simple wrap around your neck. In the same vein, it can also be worn as a belted cape, which sort of looks like a makeshift coat. Blanket scarves can also be draped over your torso if you do not mind having clothing items hanging in front of you.

4. Can be used as a Blanket or Mat

Although this may sound very unconventional, blanket scarves can also be used as a mat. For those days when the sun peeks out in winter and an impromptu picnic springs up, you can use your blanket scarf as a mat. They are big and wide enough and can accommodate as many as 3 people. Furthermore, you can also use them as a blanket, if you go winter camping, to wrap yourself in, while huddled around a bonfire.

5. Provides Comfort for Your Neck

Lastly, you can use your blanket scarf to make a head or neck rest, especially in situations where a pillow is unavailable. If, for instance, you are on a long journey and your neck begins to ache, you can simply arrange your blanket into a bundle, and place it just behind your neck to get some relief. Blanket scarves are made of very soft materials which will definitely soothe an aching neck.

Quality, cozy, and stylish blanket scarves, such as the Lamamamas Plaid Blanket Scarf, is a must-have winter accessory that will keep you warm in the chilly season, and make you look utterly fabulous. You should get yourself one today, before winter sets in.

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